Google Nexus Q review:

The Good The Google Nexus Q capabilities a actually unique, round    Japanese Used Cars Auction Proxy  design with glowing LEDs that reply to tune it’s gambling. It streams content immediately from Google Play Music, Google Play TV & Movies, and YouTube, the use of an Android smartphone or pill as the controller. There’s also a built-in 25-watt amp that can be used to electricity audio system.

The Bad The Nexus Q may be very luxurious and doesn’t circulation from any non-Google offerings like Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, MLB.TV, or Amazon Instant, nor can it flow content material from your own PC or DLNA server. It also requires an Android smartphone or pill to control it, because it does not encompass a far flung or its own person interface.

The Bottom Line The Nexus Q’s striking, orblike hardware can’t outweigh the extreme barriers of this Android-most effective, Google-most effective media streamer.

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Editors’ be aware: On July 31, Google announced that it changed into delaying the economic launch of the Nexus Q to “work on making it even better.” We will update this evaluation whilst Google releases the brand new software for the device. In the meantime, the evaluate beneath is our impact of the Nexus Q as examined with its authentic software and feature set.

The $300 Nexus Q is Google’s first stab at making its very own residing-room hardware, and it is doing it with style. Sitting on a TV cupboard, the Nexus Q seems like a mysterious, sparkling black orb; greater RPG electricity-up than domestic theater hardware. And as if simply to flex its muscle groups, Google is manufacturing the Nexus Q entirely inside the United States, which as a minimum truly explains its lofty rate.

Once you get beyond its appears, but, it is shocking how little the Nexus Q does. It can stream content material from Google Play Music, Google Play TV & Movies, and YouTube — it is it. Not even Netflix, which appears to be built into some thing with an included circuit these days. And whilst its integrated amplifier can power a couple of audio system, it really is no longer enough to justify its price over much more functional competition like the Apple TV ($100) and Roku LT ($50). Google appears to be reaching to create a counterpart to Apple’s killer AirPlay and Apple TV blend, but the Nexus Q isn’t even near yet.


The Nexus Q is a placing piece of hardware. It’s a black, near-to-spherical device, with a flat backside so it sits on a TV cabinet in preference to rolling off. It’s a solidly constructed device, with a heft (2 kilos) to in shape its shotput form. The matte black end is reasonably immune to fingerprints, although I ought to see a few smudges even after using it for only a day. Power it up and the mysterious orb comes to existence with an illuminated, colourful ring across the center, plus a tiny pinhole light inside the middle. It’s simply the type of device that will have guests asking, “What is that?”

Tapping the tiny mild mutes it, at the same time as you may spin the pinnacle half of of the field ahead and back to adjust the quantity. It’s virtually a pretty neat way to engage with the Nexus Q, even though most of the time you may be adjusting extent from your Android tool.

Wireless connectivity is comprehensive: twin-band 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC (near-field verbal exchange). Inside, the Nexus Q runs a model of Android 4.Zero with 16GB of onboard flash memory, 1GB RAM, and a twin-core processor.

On the lower back are a Micro-HDMI output, an optical audio port, an Ethernet jack, and a Micro-USB port for “general hackability.” There’s additionally a hard and fast of banana jack speaker outputs, for powering speakers with the integrated amp.

It’s a exceptional set of ports, but they are enormously tough to access. The ports are recessed and even with the protected Mini-HDMI adapter cable, which is mainly fitted to the Nexus’ port, it wasn’t smooth to simply slide the cable in. Plugging an Ethernet cable in is simple sufficient, however the recessed port makes it hard to eliminate. Luckily, once it’s set up, you will hardly ever want to fiddle with the back panel.


It’s sudden to open up the container and find there’s no far flung. The Nexus Q requires an Android cellphone or pill (model 2.Three or higher) to govern it. That substantially limits the marketplace of to be had buyers, despite the fact that there may be not anything stopping Google from rolling out an iOS or Windows Phone app later. And even though there is a Micro-HDMI port for connecting to your TV, there is no true person interface. The Nexus Q can display motion pictures, song titles and album art thumbnails, and trippy visualizations for song, but there is no way to navigate the device onscreen; it is all at the display of your Android telephone or tablet.

My first try at putting in place the Nexus Q turned into painful. After you plug inside the orb and download the app, it is a guided method, however my (Google-provided) Samsung Galaxy Nexus cellphone could not make the initial Bluetooth connection to the Nexus Q. After tons of trial and errors, it eventually related, however then after the relaxation of the guided setup it refused to allow me play again track or films at the Nexus Q. After multiple hours of general troubleshooting, I finally achieved a manufacturing unit reset of the device, after which the setup took less than 5 minutes. There’s no way to recognise whether the preliminary difficulties were due to my checking out environment or the fact that my colleagues had paired the Q with a one-of-a-kind phone an afternoon in advance, but fair caution to anyone who’s taking into account shopping for one.

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