See Why Travel Clubs Are Proving So Popular With Family Travel Today!

Imagine having had the luxury of traveling to South Africa to enjoy the excitement of the FIFA World Cup, and extending your stay to enjoy those exquisite beaches far and wide? But then maybe the cost of staying at a popular Timeshare resort put you off; and not just the cost, but also the availability of suites can make them difficult to book.

You would not be alone if the cost of accommodations and other travel related expenses put you off… and you would not be alone, either, if you – like many other families out there today – consider putting this fear behind you by exploring a new and increasingly popular trend in global travel lamonte travel.

Travel Club members are one group of people enjoying the benefits of access to desirable timeshare resorts at a fraction of the cost Timeshare owners pay. If you were to visit South Africa, there are few better ways to escape the crowds in this land of unlimited, unspoiled beaches on both the Cape Province and Natal coasts where Timeshare Resorts and Destinations are plenty.

“So, what, exactly, is the benefit of being a Travel Club member” – you may ask?

Bear in mind that for people, both young and old, memorable holidays are always a good excuse to “Jabulani!” together and celebrate life… This has led to the development of beautiful resorts and holiday destinations worldwide. At first Timeshare was a very popular way to enjoy such places, but increasingly Travel Clubs are cashing in on the Trillion Dollar family travel industry by leveraging the power of “bulk” bookings. These dates at numerous resorts, condos, villas, suites and cottages around the world are then made available to Travel Club members at unheard of prices.

It is not difficult to see why Travel Clubs are proving so popular and increasingly cost effective. Especially, in the wake of ever escalating levies and fees that plague a lot of Timeshare owners today… If this tweaks your beak, just take a good look at how Travelers can save money through joining a Travel Club? Choose a destination… look at the different resort prices online; and then deduct up to 70% of the cost… This is how much you stand to save on your accommodation prices at 3 to 5 star resorts in thousands of quality accommodations worldwide.

These are often real time inventory listings which change from day to day as supply and demand fluctuates at the different resorts around the world. If it is a quality travel club you are a member of, and you need time to decide on a resort, they should give you the opportunity to reserve your booking for 24 hours i.e. put it “On Hold” while you consult with family and friends, before you confirm, book and pay ahead of time.

With the escalating cost of travel, booking your spot at a popular resort in Hawaii, up to a year ahead, will have clear advantages – even if there is no refund. You will have saved ahead of time, no last minute scramble to see if there are any “too good to be true” deals online where there is no guarantee of what you get the other side.

Your shoulders are free; you and your family have up to a year to look forward to your next family vacation, months to save (or splash out on a new set of Golf Clubs) and weeks to anticipate the pleasure of shopping for other accessories and gear you plan to enjoy using. Sporting holidays are increasingly popular too, so join those already chasing the ball around the courses and beaches of the world where exciting activities beckon… if you are saving on your accommodations, there will be more to enjoy elsewhere!

This is one popular way to ensure families enjoy a lifetime of memories on their vacations and holidays around the world… certainly worth it for some. How about you?

If you are inspired by the idea of saving your money and travelling more without compromising on the service, flexibility and quality of Travel… see what this popular new Travel Club can do for you! Visit: [] today to find out more. Feel free to “Request a Call Back” for the personal feedback and attention that makes Club Sea Breeze unique!

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