The ex-leader of Vox in Lleida will go to trial for the sexual abuse of

The court of Lleida have dismissed the interests recorded by the previous pioneer of Vox in Lleida , Jose Antonio Ortiz Chambray blamed for sexual maltreatment to two youthful with inability . His legal advisor had crossed the composition of handling requested by the court of guidance 4 of Lleida so as to maintain a strategic distance from that Ortiz Chambray sit on the seat. The Audience, nonetheless, concurs with the adjudicator that there is proof of guiltiness by the sex entertainment wrongdoings , sexual maltreatment and debasement of individuals with inabilities and now the gatherings need to present their compositions to have the option to open judgment oral. What’s more, the court likewise has would not decrease the bail of 6,000 euros forced by the appointed authority that Ortiz can out of jail , where he entered temporarily in walk 2019.

The previous pioneer of Vox in Lleida, José Antonio Ortiz, Chambray, is a stage away from preliminary for the supposed sexual maltreatment of two youngsters with a handicap. The Hearing has affirmed the compositions of the holder of the court of guidance 4 that takes the case, thought about that there was proof of culpability and had open demonstration of preparing for the offenses of erotic entertainment, sexual maltreatment and defilement of individuals with handicaps. Presently, the gatherings ought to present their composed solicitation charged Ortiz Chambray. For the occasion, the previous pioneer of Vox has not paid the bail and stays in authority.

Two youngsters with incapacity

One of the casualties expressed that he had sexual relations with the litigant

The previous pioneer of Vox in Lleida was captured toward the beginning of walk of 2019 after the Foundation Alondra de Lleida, that guardianship of the two affirmed casualties, to censure the realities. The supposed casualties are two men of 26 and 30 years of age , given by the establishment Alosa of Lleida. One of them announced that he had sexual relations with the respondent yet Ortiz denies him. Concerning the other, the respondent recognized that the youngster was set in contact with him and had sent him photos of sexual substance however pulled back that after you extorsionaba to pay and recognized that had given him some time cash “to disregard him”. As indicated by sources near the case, in any case, in some whatsapp messages that were traded, it was the respondent who you requested sexual pictures of the child .

In his announcement in the examination stage, the respondent said that “there has been literally nothing of a sexual physical with these individuals.” “Are just the expressions of the whatsapp yet consistently were they were placed in contact with me to request cash in return for sexual favors,” he said. What’s more, explained that he never had physical contact with both of the two.

The examined thought about that the explanation of the grumbling is political on the grounds that, she says, the establishment that the guardianship has a political inclination “absolutely opposite” to him, that at the hour of the grievance was the previous pioneer of Vox in Lleida.

José Antonio Ortiz Chambray

The ex-pioneer of Vox in Lleida was captured in walk of 2019 and conceded in temporary confinement

The Mossos captured Ortiz following a grumbling of two men with incapacities of 26 and 30 years of age who are guided by the Foundation Alosa of Lleida and working by Aspros. The ex-pioneer of Vox needed to show up at the Team office of Attention to casualties (EATAV) of Lleida where he took the announcement to one of the supposed survivors of misuse. Politics

The appointed authority of the court of guidance 3 of Lleida, in the elements of the gatekeeper, consented to guardianship without bail and boycott of correspondence for the previous pioneer of Vox in Lleida walk 8, 2019. This court hindered the reason to the court of guidance 4 that has assumed responsibility for the examination.

While he was confined, the police analyzed the PC and the telephone of Ortiz to discover proof that the incriminaran as pictures of sexual substance as the establishment Lark detailed that it had identified Whatsapp messages “strange” between the two complainants and Ortiz.

Ortiz Chambray is introduced freely as the pioneer of the ultra preparing in Lleida, albeit once they knew about his capture, Vox denied that it was and suspended him that day of militancy.

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